Friday, June 5, 2015

Indian Fried Rice

My Ode to Maggi

Whenever I needed you
you came to my rescue
Mornings, afternoons, nights
even midnights too

You were loved by 
kids and adults alike
Why did they make you
take a hike :((

I was acting over-smart, sneaking in vegetables too
Turns out you yourself were unhealthy, aakhir kyon??    

My mom said one time,
she made you in an old pot of mine 
The vessel turned sparkling new
She swore that’s the last time she’d make you!!

Maggi O Maggi
it’s hard to say good bye!
Good bye, my beloved,
come back healthy and alive!!! 

bye bye Maagi! 
bye bye...
*sob sob*

Coming to the recipe,

This is yet another version of Indian fried rice, which is very easy and tasty. My friend’s mom gave me this recipe. 
It uses only clove and garlic for masala which differentiates this from other rice baths.

Do try!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Navratan Kurma

Navaratan Kurma is a rich, popular North Indian curry. I like the rich, creamy, sweet taste of this curry. But this particular recipe tasted more like Thai red curry.. may be because I didn’t use any sweet-giving ingredients, such as pineapple/raisins, as I didn’t have any.. 
Otherwise, I followed the recipe as it is...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tomato Bath - Version 1

I always look for recipes...
I always collect recipes...
If anybody makes anything interesting, I ask them for recipe..
I watch cooking episodes tirelessly online...

and yet I claim that I’m least interested in cooking...

So why do I do all the above? 
The answer is that I’m an enthusiastic eater, not an enthusiastic cook! My main motivation behind experimenting in the kitchen is eating good food..  or rather the lack of having good restaurants around.. My cooking drive diminishes the moment I set foot in India..

I shouldn’t complain living in the Bay area.. but c’mon how can a street vendor in India make better chats than here..? how come nobody gets that THE Masala Dosa flavor from India...? bakery items.. no where close!! Does any restaurant owner care to learn what they are missing? seriously I can make better dosas at home...  where is THAT Dosa which would slide off a plate with so much grease in it and where is this Dosa, which wouldn’t even come off the plate... *sigh* 
So until those kind of restaurants open up, I’ll be a trooper and experiment in my kitchen...

Coming to the recipe.. 

This particular recipe I got from the Oggarane Dabbi cooking series which is on youtube. 

It is a healthy one pot meal which is very very simple and very very tasty, close to the ones you’d get in restaurants in India. One of the restaurant owners made it at the show.. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Veg Palya for Sandwich/Paratha - Mixed Veg Stuffing

Sandwich is a staple in our house. My daughter loves them and I love them too. I can stuff any kind of vegetable and she wouldn’t even notice..  

I generally make mixed vegetable palya with potato, carrot, beans and peas. Nothing fancy just regular potato palya with added vegetables...
Then I came across this mix veg paratha at Indian Stores which had crushed vegetables in them; which gave me an idea to crush the frozen mixed vegetables, instead of cutting all the vegetables from scratch. 

I got an easy and a better tasting Playa.

I coarsely ground frozen vegetables. And when they are ground together the individual taste of each vegetable is blended together to give an unique taste in every bite. 

This stuffing could be used for Parathas as well... you can make cutlets.. or tikkis.. or mix veg bonda.. basically anything which requires stuffing..

Do try! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beetroot Pulav

My cousin Archana is an avid follower of the blog “Monsoon Spice”. If I have to try anything from that blog, I simply ask her if she has tried it before, and she’ll give me all details as to what she tried, how it was, what she did differently.. etc :)
So recently when I asked her if she tried anything new, she told me about this Beetroot Pulav from the same blog, and said it came out good. 

So I also tried .. Beetroot gives this bath mild sweetness and nice pink hue(or red hue depending upon the quantity of the Beetroot you put). I really loved it. 

This is a very good item to take to potlucks and a good option for your lunch box.  It tastes even better the next day. 

Do make it and impress your family and friends!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Dabeli is a popular street food. It is basically spicy potato mix placed in-between pav bread..  

This recipe is from Manjula’s kitchen.  I was really intrigued by the way the dabeli stuffing was cooked. Basically the potato is boiled and cooked in water along with dabeli masala, so that it comes to a paste consistency! Never knew potato could do that. This spicy potato paste is then placed in between roasted pav bread smeared with green/garlic and sweet chutney, and then topped with some sweet(pomegranate seeds) and spicy sev... yum yum..

Do try!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bombay Saagu/Potato Saagu

Bombay Saagu/ Potato Saagu is a nice accompaniment for Set dosa, Rave idli or Poori/Chapathi. I like rave idli-bombay saagu-chutney combination very much and I make it a point to prepare this every time I make rave idli. 

This is my amma’s recipe. It is basically just cooked potato mixed in some besan(gram flour) based curry. I think the usage of besan as a thickening agent, just like jhunka(which is very much a North Karnataka/Maharashtra-ian dish), is the reason behind having “bombay” in its name. 

The procedure is very very easy and the taste is simply awesome.