Saturday, July 21, 2018

Whole black urad dal vada/ medu vada

The thing about black urad dal is you cannot do anything with it other than dal makhni!! At least I don’t know anything else! And for dal makhni you only use about 1 cup or so…  What to do with the remaining urad dal?!!
All my google search led to only dal makhni or other similar curries. Then an idea hit me and I searched for black urad dal vada, and voila! I found out that you can actually make medu vada using black urad dal. Who knew?! 

Firstly, taste was same to same like white urad dal medu vada.
Secondly, making a hole in the vada was easy-peasy like you wouldn’t believe. The dough was much firmer and held-together than its white counterpart. 

The few differences were in its color and texture - which was slightly different(little rubbery) after cooling down. 

Do try!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Rajma - chawal - chapathi is my go-to menu for weekday dinners, as this is taste-bhi-helath-bhi(and easy-bhi) kinda recipe. My daughter and hubby love this. 

This rajma recipe, I found online, tasted very close to the ones available in the restaurants. 

This recipe doesn’t use rajma masala, but uses a concoction of powders easily available in your pantry. Very easy. Perfect for everyday cooking. 

Do try! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Ennegayi - Method 2

I am thrilled to share this easy ennegayi recipe I found online. 
Why? This recipe is relatively easy and can be made on a daily basis.. Less oil will also work, although more will always taste better. This recipe is probably close to the original, as it is given by an uttara kannadati. 

I have already shared another ennegayi recipe. Do check it out here. 

In this recipe, eggplants are fried lightly before stuffing. This one step makes making ennegayi so much more easy. Firstly, eggplants are not stiff to fill. You can easily bend them anyway and stuff as much as you want. Secondly, because they are already almost cooked, cooking time is reduced drastically and the chances of masala getting burnt are less, which makes me, a regular masala burn-er, so happy! All in all a keeper of a recipe. 

Do try! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kallangadi odu majjige huli/ Watermelon rind curry

Are you throwing away watermelon rind? STOP! 

It’s equally edible as watermelon. 

My mom makes delicious Udupi style palya/sabzi, huLi/sambar with it. It tastes almost like mildly sweetened ash gourd. Today I am giving you a majjige huli recipe. I got this recipe from a cooking show on Udaya TV.  Procedure is little different from the previous recipe I posted, which can be found here(more tips can be found in the link). Tasted delicious. Do try!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Seemebadnekayi(Chow chow)-Nuggekayi(Drumsticks) kootu

Another easy recipe for everyday cooking - Seemebdnekayi(Chow chow) kootu. Seemebadnekayi suits well more in kootus and majjige hulis than sambars. The taste of this kootu is very unique. I just added nuggekayi(drumsticks) along with it. Do try!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Dantinasoppina bassaru-palya - Method 2 (Amaranth Leaves Curry-Sabzi)

This is a slightly different way of making bassaru-palya which I found online. Bassaru - is rasam made from dal stock, and the dal is then used in making sabji(palya). This uses 2 kinds of dals as opposed to one in drumstick leaves bassaru-palya posted previously, which can be found here. Dantina soppu(amaranth leaves) definitely enhances the taste of this palya - saaru combo. This recipe, I believe, is made in gowdra style.  

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dal fry

Another simplest form of dal, Dal fry. It is made with moong dal, which is healthier, as in easily digestible. Just basic tadka + onion + tomato + garam masala + cooked dal - dal is ready! Tastes heavenly!

Serve it with a sabzi, you got yourself a wholesome meal ready in 30 minutes.

I got this recipe from a blog I follow on FB, which has many short and sweet interesting video recipes. 

Do try!