Friday, March 16, 2018

Kadale-BaaLekaayi gojju/ KalaChana-RawBanana Curry

“What to cook today?”, must be the most thought out question in every household. 

I still can cook for company, but when it comes to everyday cooking, I’m always wondering till the last minute. There’s only so much I do with the available vegetables. These days I’m browsing for new recipes, something different than our regular rasam/sambar, which can be consumed daily but can also be made easily for everyday cooking.  

With this recipe, I’m starting a new series, Everyday cooking, where I plan to put these easy, tasty and healthy recipes.

Today I’m presenting baaLekaayi-kadle gojju(raw banana/brown chick peas curry). I got this recipe from oggarane dabbi cooking show. It turned out very tasty and can be made easily(like regular sambar) for everyday meals. 

Do try! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nuggekayi soppu bassaru/ Drumstick leaves rasam

Bassaru is saaru(rasam) made from strained water after cooking dal. Bassaru is generally made with an accompanying palya/sabzi. In the previous post, I wrote about making palya/sabzi, here I give how to make bassaru. 

Enjoy some hot and healthy nugge soppu bassaru - palya with some rice and ghee. 

Do try!

Nuggekayi soppu Palya/ Drumstick leaves sabzi

Continuing with my streak of healthy recipes, today I present to you nuggesoppu(drumstick leaves) palya-bassaru combo(sabzi-rasam combo) in two posts. I didn’t know that some leafy vegetables(spinach, dill etc) can be eaten in basaaru-palya combination until my friend Lalitha told me about it.. 

Last summer I had some knee issues and thankfully I got to know that drumstick leaves/nugge soppu is some wonder food which helps in this area. So I browsed for recipes and came to know that bassaru-palya is a popular way of consuming it. Taking the leaves out of stalks was little tedious, otherwise making saaru-palya was relatively easy. Tasted heavenly with rice! 
Link for bassaru(rasam) here.

Do try!  

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Nellikaayi Saaru/ Amla rasam

Continuing with another healthy recipe, again with nellikayi - Nellikayi Rasam. 

It all started with my cousin making nellikayi tambli for me one time. When asked where she got nellikayi from, she mentioned frozen section in Indian stores. The problem with that is, you get quite a few nellikayis in 1 pack, and every recipe uses only 1-3 max, more wouldn’t be too appealing for your taste buds either. So to finish that pack, I have been browsing more and more nellkayi recipes :) 

So here’s one more nellikayi recipe - nellikayi rasam - healthy, healthy recipe.

It is one of those tili saarus(watery rasams without dal), which you can either drink or eat with rice. I prefer drinking over eating with rice. I would also use little less of rasam powder than mentioned below(original recipe) to get a stronger flavor of nellikayi. 

Do try!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Nellikayi(Amla) Chitranna

Happy New Year! Happy Sankranthi!

This year I want to start off with something healthy. I got this recipe (again) from Oggarane Dabbi cooking show. Nellikayi is supposed to be very healthy. Most Ayurvedic lehas(that I know of) have nellikayi in them. 

Nellikayi has an astringent taste. I tried many recipes with nellikayi recently. Out of all the recipes, this recipe stands out. This recipe is a good way of including nellikayi in your diet.

Do try!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Mix Veg Curry

Happy holidays!!
I love holiday season in US. The whole environment is so festive with all the decorations, Christmas trees, lights… 
Can’t believe 2017 is almost over. 
Years are just passing by… Only the serials I am watching seem to be stuck in time :D

Anyways, mix veg curry is again from oggarane dabbi cooking show. The curry came out very tasty, lip smacking, just like the ones available in restaurants in India.    

Procedure is tad lengthy. You can always use frozen veg to cut down the time. But sweet corn may not go well in this curry. 

Do try!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Tomato Dose

A different take on our very humble, regular, everyday breakfast - uddina dose. Just add tomato along with masala, you have a different tasting dose. Tastes tangy because of the tomatoes. I would say it will be good not to over-ferment the batter, so that sourness is mostly form tomatoes.
I think tomato dose is popular in Tamil Nadu. It is very easy to make if you already have dose batter. I followed this recipe from Sihi Kahi Chandru’s cooking show - barjari bhojana.. it tasted really good.. Do try!