Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vegetable Pongal

These days I am hooked onto Oggarane dabbi cooking show. Every day there is something new I’d like to try. I like the hosts candid opinion, which makes it easy for me to try only certain dishes and not everything. I must have tried some 6-7 dishes already and I have only been watching the show for like a month.

One of the dishes that I tried was Vegetable Pongal which was shown as pancahrangi pongal on the show. It is a wholesome one pot dish. Very healthy, very tasty and gets done in a jiffy. Easy enough to prepare on a busy working day, yet fancy enough to serve your guests at dinner parties. 

Do try!

Monday, August 21, 2017


Kodbale is a fried snack made during festivals. My mom makes this for Ganesha chaturthi. This is my mom’s trademark recipe. It is slightly different than regular kodbale. My favorite. My daughter’s favorite too. 

It is a little time consuming, and you don’t get enough quantity for the whole lot of work you put in, but the taste makes up for it.  

And it’s Ganesha habba season again! Happy birthday to my dear blog!!

Make this kodbale for this festival season and enjoy!

Happy Gowri and Ganesha habba!!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Mavinakayi Chitranna - Raw Mango rice

I only knew one way of making mavinakayi chitranna, which is make tadka with mustard, urad dal, chana dal, hing, peanuts green/red chili and turmeric, add grated raw mango, sauté and mix with cooked rice. But I recently got to know about this recipe (through a Kannada sangha we are involved with), which is slightly different, but definitely more delicious than what I make. The recipe uses methi seeds, which makes it unique. I particularly loved the subtle methi taste + tanginess of raw mango. 

This recipe is from another favorite food blog of mine, which has many authentic Karnataka recipes. 

Make this delicious mavinakayi chitranna for upcoming festival season and enjoy!      

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Peanut-Capsicum Kurma

Capsicum always suits well in curries for chapathis. This recipe is from one of my favorite blogs, where in almost all the dishes I have tried have turned out good. 

Generally we use cashews to get the thickness in North Indian gravies. But this recipe uses peanuts! This gives a very unique taste and also a nutty taste in every bite. It turned out very tasty. And the second time I made, I added some panner cubes(not in the picture) as per my daughter’s wish. Even that tasted very good in the gravy. Do try! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kothu Parotta

I have never tasted kothu parotta before. I am always skeptical trying out new dishes at restaurants. Lest I try something new and it doesn’t turn out as good as my expectations, then my whole “restaurant going” experience is ruined. The kind of hunger I’m in when I go to restaurants, I’m in no mood to wait nor to try out anything new.

For new dishes, either I try from frozen section at Indian stores, or I try to make it at home, or I taste from my husband’s plate when he is trying out something new :)

So I find this kothu parotta in frozen section. I bring it home and open it, only to realize that it’s just plain parotta cut into fancy strips. That's when I googled for it and found out about salna

Parotta(malabar parotta) is basically maida based flaky paratha(bread). It is little time consuming to make from scratch. But is easily available in frozen section at Indian stores. Kottu parotta(vegetarian version) is made by sautéing parotta pieces in salna(tomato based gravy) and some vegetables. 

It turned out very tasty. Both my husband and daughter loved it. Do try!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Salna - Tomato Salna

I’ve never tasted kothu parotta or salna before. I don’t know how it should taste. In fact, I only got to know about its existence very recently. But I know it is a popular choice in restaurants. And the recipe I followed tasted heavenly. 

Salna is basically a tomato-onion based curry which is served with ghee rice/jeera rice, chapathi, poori, parotta(flaky ones). It is also used in kothu parotta(which is going to be my next post). 

It is moderately easy to make. My husband, who has eaten kothu parotta in restaurants before, liked this taste better. 

Do try!  

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ash gourd peel chutney - Sambanda 5

One more chutney recipe made out of vegetable peel, this time with (ash gourd)white pumpkin peel. Easy and tasty. This goes well with rice, could also be eaten with dosa, idli or chapathi. Do try!

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