Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Majjige huli(Curd based South Indian Curry)

I cannot believe I have no new recipe lined up to post this month... this has never happened before! You see, I make it a point to put at least 2 recipes every month. I always am prepared knowing what I would be posting next... but not this month! 

I had to dig through old photos to see if I had any old pics that I might’ve missed. Thankfully, I found Majjige Huli ... I had not put this one up before because I was not too happy with the picture. I was waiting for my husband to retake a good one (btw, this is a good opportunity to tell everybody that my husband takes all the pictures for me:) )... 
But then every time I made it, I went into “should I post this or not” discussion in my head, and never came to a decision... Story of my life!!

Now since I have nothing on hand, I decided to put this one up any way... 

Majjige huli is my all time favorite. My mom didn’t know how to make this. I always craved for this and I would never ever miss a chance to devour it at weddings and other functions. 
After I started cooking, however, I learnt this from my cousin Kshama and have been making it regularly ever since. 

The recipe is easy peasy. You just need to get the consistency of the gravy right.. My suggestion would be to make thicker version first and then add water to thin it down as much as needed. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Bhagavanta enappa nin leele!! ashtami ge tindi maadisi, ganeshana habbakke post maadista idyalappa!!

I made this for ashtami but posting this for Ganeshana Habba.. 

My aunt Anasuya Hande, is a very skilled cook and she has hand written a recipe book for amateurs like me in the family, who were on the brink of getting married, but didn’t have any “gandha” of cooking(no clue types). 
I treat that book like Bhagavad Gita. 

Anyways, for Krishna Ashtami, I decided to make her nippattu for the very first time. It came out just perfect!! Thanks atte, for the detailed recipe!!! 

The recipe is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. Within half an hour I could make 35 medium sized nippattus. Not bad, right?! 

Also Ganesha habba marks the anniversary of my blog! Happy Birthday blog!! 

Do try!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gobi Sabji (Gobi ka kheema)

This is one flavorful sabji that goes really well with Chapathis. I enjoyed every bite of it. 

Grated gobi gives this a very spongy texture, and when cooked in spiced tomato puree it soaks up all the masala making every bite burst with flavors in your mouth...

You can either use simple tomato puree or make spiced tomato puree for this. I would suggest making the spiced one as that little extra nuance from the spiced puree makes a lot of difference. 

This is not a quick recipe. Grating gobi is a tedious and a messy job. It tends to fly everywhere. Making spiced tomato puree is also extra work. But the end result is very well worth the effort. 

Do try!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tomato Bath - Version 2

This is the second version of Tomato Bath that I like. Check out Version 1 here. My cousin Archana gave me this recipe. Freshly ground masala with red chillies(instead of green chillies) and coconut gives this a very unique taste. It tastes good on its own and doesn’t need an accompaniment like raita or anything. 

Do try!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Green Moong Dal Rice Bath/Hesaru kalina bath

Yet another rice bath which is very simple, tasty and very very healthy. You can sprout the moong dal to make it even more healthy. 

This rice bath is bland compared to pulavs and biriyanis, but tasty nevertheless. 
It’s great for potlucks and lunch boxes too.. 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mango CheeseCake

Sometime back I saw this video on Euphoric Delights(a FB group) about this easy dessert made for a potluck. The picture and presentation was so enticing that I couldn’t wait to have one for myself. Then I started looking out for the ‘setting’ ingredient agar agar(as a substitute for Gelatin) in local stores, only to realize that it’s not easily available. After months of searching, I found one in an Indian store and finally got to making it..

This recipe is very easy once you get the hang of it. It is also a good potluck item. It looks very fancy and classy served in individual portions, in clear shot glasses. 

Do try!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Puliyogare(Or Chitranna) Gojju/Paste

My mom makes awesome Puliyogare powder from scratch, which I am too lazy to learn. In one of our conversations she told me that the major difference between puliyogare powder and rasam powder is indeed the addition of sesame seeds.. then it suddenly occurred to me why not put some sesame seeds to the rasam powder and make my own puliyogare gojju..

..and that’s what I did here.. 

The trick in bringing puliyogare gojju to a gravy consistency is addition of water, which lot of people miss out on. Even when I am making puliyogare from MTR dry powder, I put some water and boil it to a gravy consistency. Puliyogare comes out better this way and mixing also becomes easy. 

This gojju can be used as chutney with dosa, chapathi and also like pickle with curd rice. My mom used to take chapathi with this gojju for long travels. It has a pretty good shelf life... and can be stored even longer when kept in the fridge.. I’ve never stored this long enough to know exactly how many days it stays :)

When I proudly told mom about my “invention”, she said what I just did was chitranna and not puliyogare.. hehe.. 

It tastes awesome, whatever you call it :)

Do try!