Friday, September 30, 2016

Sweet Potato Fries

Another easy and healthy snack which “hides” the real vegetable under the disguise of fries. It’s so tasty and easy, you can make it in no time. 

In my native place, whenever any of us kids said we are bored or don’t know what to do,  the elders would say “genegu beyisu hogu”, meaning - go cook sweet potato. I have no idea why that is linked with boredom.. should ask somebody the logic behind that phrase.. 

Coming back to the recipe. You cut sweet potatoes into thin strips. Put some spices and bake - it’s as simple as that. Kids will love it for sure..  

Do try!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mangalore Soutekayi(Cucumber) Peel Chutney - Sambanda 3

One vegetable - 3 dishes - sambar, chutney and tambli(coconut-buttermilk based curry popular in coastal Karnataka).

One of the things I love about Udupi cuisine is that no part of a vegetable is wasted if it’s considered even remotely edible. I guess we didn’t find a way to cook coconut shells, or jackfruit skin :) 

Anyways, this is another sambanda(chutney). I didn’t know chutney could be made with this peel, until my relative pointed it on my FB post. Other vegetables peels with which you can make chutney can be found here(bottle gourd peel chutney) and here(ridge gourd peel chutney).  

I found this recipe in a blog, where many traditional udupi recipes can be found. 

If you are a chutney-rice combo lover, then you’ll definitely like this. 

Do try!