Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rava Dosa

I am not very fond of Rave dose. But it is my husband’s favorite. So, I learnt to make this. My mom makes very good Rava dosa. So I took her recipe and tried to make it. It had its share of disastrous trials and errors. I remember initially we hardly got to eat whole dosas. It used to come out as a lump of cooked, sticky batter. But I am glad and proud to say that I have mastered the skill :) 

The key to making good rava dosa is the batter consistency. Then, the cooking time. 


Rava : Maida : Akki hittu(Rice flour) in 1 : 1 : 3 proportion
little sour curd or buttermilk

for the masala

curry leaves
Green chili

chopped onion
chopped tomato - this makes the dosa soft, so I skip this


Make a very watery batter with rava, maida, akki hittu, sour curd and water, lump free. Add all the masala, salt and sugar. The consistency should be little denser than plain water. I usually make one dosa to check the consistency. To make dosa, you shouldn’t spread it like a regular uddina dose(urad dosa). You should throw(yes, throw!) the batter like a flying disc/frisbee on the tava. The moment batter touches hot tava, it should bubble up and form holes. If it falls like a lump, then add some more water and check again. Also, add oil to the tava before putting the batter. 

Cook it for a longer time than regular dosa, it will become crispy and crunchy. 
Serve hot with aloogaddde(potato) palya and chutney.

Personally, I like to eat it with sugar. 

Recipe Source - Amma(Shrimathi Vasudeva)

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