Monday, November 5, 2012

Mooli Paratha

This is one foolproof recipe that has given me good results every time I’ve made it. Even if your chapathi making skills are average, you’ll still be able to make this paratha. Actually that is true for any paratha. 
My cousin C gave me this recipe. 
The work is a little tedious, but you can always make the palya before hand and deal with just chapathi part while making it. 

This Mooli palya can be eaten as a side dish with chapathi too. 

For Mooli Palya


Cumin/jeera powder
Green chili

Besan(kadle hittu) - 1 tsp

For tadka - 
mustard seeds


Grate Mooli and squeeze out all the liquid. You can use this squeezed liquid to make Chapathi dough. I usually drink this water assuming it is good for health. 

Make Chapathi dough - you can use mooli water to make the dough. Keep it aside. 

Make tadka with mustard seeds and hing. Add turmeric, minced ginger, green chili. Fry for sometime. Add mooli, jeera powder and finely cut cilantro. Fry till the remaining water is evaporated. Then in the end, sprinkle a tsp of besan and mix well. The mixture becomes little soggy after adding besan, but within few minutes it comes to the consistency of being able to be rolled into balls. 

Once it is cooled, roll into small balls.

Take a Chapathi ball and roll it to be little bigger size than your palm. Place the mooli ball in the center and flatten it, close the chapathi ball making sure that the whole mooli ball is covered. 

Then roll this like chapathi, pressing lightly with your rolling pin. Roast this on the tava on both sides. Serve it with curd, butter and pickle.. yum!

Recipe Source - Chethana

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