Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tomato Bhaji/Gojju

Often times I am at loss as to what to cook as side dish for Chapathis on regular days, just for us. I’m not the kind who is inclined to make Curries all the time. I just make regular palyas(dry vegetable sabzis) and dals. 

I came across this particular tomato bhaji recipe online and the simplicity of it caught my attention. Tomato and chapathi even otherwise go together really well.   

The bhaji came out really good. Jaggery’s sweetness along with groundnut’s nuttiness complimented tomato’s sourness very nicely. This is going to be a regular in our house from now on for sure. 

Note that there is no onion or garlic in this recipe. 

Do try!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sabsige Soppu Bath/Dill Rice Bath

I had a big batch of sabsige soppu(Dill) in the fridge which needed immediate attention. I had recently made rotti with it. And that’s all I know to make with it. I had tried making sabsige saaru once, but was not too sold on the taste. So I took refuge in Google and found one recipe I liked. Generally when I like something, I always make sure to read the comments to see if anybody has tried and tested it. Many did on this one, so I went ahead with it...

This is one healthy bath, I tell you! Tasted good too. It uses freshly ground pulav powder. And there is no onion-garlic in this recipe. Perfect for festivals! It had a tinge of bitterness from the dill leaves, which made it unique compared to other rice baths, which I loved. I would say the taste was close to menthe soppina bath(methi leaves rice bath). 

There is another rice bath that my friend makes with dill. Hopefully I’ll be able post it soon. 

Do try!