Friday, December 30, 2016

Dates and Nuts Barfi

Recently my friend Veena had made this easy and healthy barfi, which I really liked. There is no added sugar and it is full of flavor. Almost like an energy bar. And so so easy to make. Do try and enjoy your holidays, guilt free!

Happy holidays!!

Happy New Year!!

Dates - pitted
Gas gase(poppy seeds) - couple of tbsp

(all approximately two handfuls or according to taste)

If you have whole dates pulse it in a mixie or do as Veena did - microwave(to make it soft) and then mash. Or use mashed dates like I did(which I accidentally found in Indian stores).. 
It made my job so so much more easy... Lucky me! 

Put mashed dates in a bowl.
Roughly chop the nuts.
Roast them individually in a pan, with or without some ghee(I didn’t use any), till they are lightly roasted.
Roast poppy seeds till it turns little brown.

Add everything to the mashed dates. Mix well. Add more roasted nuts if needed. Grease your hands with little bit of ghee(so that it doesn’t stick to your hands) and roll the mixture into a tube. 

Wrap it in a foil or parchment paper. Refrigerate for some time(half an hour). Cut them into pieces. 


Recipe Source - Veena Gireesha


  • The above quantity(100 gm of pressed date), made around 65 to 70 barfis.
  • Make sure to buy unsalted pistachios. Indian stores near me had mostly salted ones. 

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