Monday, February 29, 2016

Carrot Chutney(Fake Mavinkayi Chutney)

Some snacks can only be enjoyed with mavinkayi(Raw Mango) chutney. Like biscoot(urad dal vada without hole) for example. Then there are some dishes which go to a whole new level when savored with mavinkayi chutney, like regular dosa, ottu shavige(rice noodles), dodna(steamed rice dosa, popular in coastal Karnataka region). 

Couple of my trials at making mavinkayi chutney have failed in the past. I was not getting the ratio of raw mango pieces to coconut right. Either it was too sour, or the texture itself was too runny(not enough coconut?), and when the texture was right, one could hardly taste the sourness from the mango. What to dooo? Then my mom came to my rescue and told me this recipe. She said you cannot tell the difference between carrot chutney and mavinkayi chutney when done right, and she is absolutely right. 

This recipe is very simple, just like any other chutney. Do try!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Heerekayi(Ridge gourd) Peel Chutney/ Sambanda - 2

This is another popular sambanda in the kota region. Sambanda is the best way to use up vegetable peels((heerekayi, in this case) after using the vegetable for other dishes(like heerekayi chatti or dal). 
Probably this is The Sambanda(as in, people think this is what you are talking about when you say sambanda), while sorekayi chutney is a variation from the original. The procedure and spices are slightly different than Sorekayi chutney
While in the first method, the flavors are more raw and fresh; in this method the flavor is more cooked. Here you roast and add some urad dal and dhania along with the ridge gourd peels and pulp. 

Both the methods could be incorporated with any vegetable.