Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Puliyogare(Or Chitranna) Gojju/Paste

My mom makes awesome Puliyogare powder from scratch, which I am too lazy to learn. In one of our conversations she told me that the major difference between puliyogare powder and rasam powder is indeed the addition of sesame seeds.. then it suddenly occurred to me why not put some sesame seeds to the rasam powder and make my own puliyogare gojju..

..and that’s what I did here.. 

The trick in bringing puliyogare gojju to a gravy consistency is addition of water, which lot of people miss out on. Even when I am making puliyogare from MTR dry powder, I put some water and boil it to a gravy consistency. Puliyogare comes out better this way and mixing also becomes easy. 

This gojju can be used as chutney with dosa, chapathi and also like pickle with curd rice. My mom used to take chapathi with this gojju for long travels. It has a pretty good shelf life... and can be stored even longer when kept in the fridge.. I’ve never stored this long enough to know exactly how many days it stays :)

When I proudly told mom about my “invention”, she said what I just did was chitranna and not puliyogare.. hehe.. 

It tastes awesome, whatever you call it :)

Do try!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Indian Fried Rice

My Ode to Maggi

Whenever I needed you
you came to my rescue
Mornings, afternoons, nights
even midnights too

You were loved by 
kids and adults alike
Why did they make you
take a hike :((

I was acting over-smart, sneaking in vegetables too
Turns out you yourself were unhealthy, aakhir kyon??    

My mom said one time,
she made you in an old pot of mine 
The vessel turned sparkling new
She swore that’s the last time she’d make you!!

Maggi O Maggi
it’s hard to say good bye!
Good bye, my beloved,
come back healthy and alive!!! 

bye bye Maagi! 
bye bye...
*sob sob*

Coming to the recipe,

This is yet another version of Indian fried rice, which is very easy and tasty. My friend’s mom gave me this recipe. 
It uses only clove and garlic for masala which differentiates this from other rice baths.

Do try!