Saturday, October 27, 2012

Doodh Peda

Aah the Peda!!.... It brings back such not-so-sweet memories.... 
I was not even into 6 months of my marriage. Those days my husband was more than willing to try my cooking experiments. It used to give me a good boost to try out new recipes. 
My cousin C who taught me most of my cooking(kinda my cooking Guru), gave me this recipe. Even though I am not so keen on eating milk based sweets and barfis, I still wanted to try this one out and enhance my culinary skills to be able to make at least few variety of dishes whenever we had guests over.
I made it...... the whole mixture overcooked and became dark brown! It got stuck to the glassware like a big piece of concrete. I had to take a wooden spoon and pound on it to break it into pieces. 
But still it came out super tasty and chewy. It tasted like the base of kadlekayi chikki. So it was not all bad:) 
To clean it, I had to soak-scrub, soak-scrub, soak-scrub for many days. Well, my husband did most of the scrubbing. 

This time, my daughter N’s school required parents to bring food for a potluck party for a school function. I had signed up for dessert. Generally I prefer store bought stuff, but this time I wanted to take something homemade. So I searched my bookmarked folder for some easy recipes. I found this peda recipe(the picture in it is very inviting) which was more or less same as the one I had tried many years ago. 
This time it was different. I was confident. This recipe looked like a piece of cake! I knew what to watch out for. To be frank, I was little smug all the while making it, thinking this is nothing for an experienced cook like me!

So here is the recipe - 


Milk Powder - 2 cups
Condensed Milk - 1 can
Butter - 1 stick

Cardamom powder 

M&Ms/Gems to decorate


I divided the recipe by half and did it in two batches. 
Use a microwavable deep dish. 
Melt the butter first. Add condensed milk, milk powder and cardamom powder and mix well. Heat in the microwave in succession of 1 minute for 3 minutes. Every minute take it out and mix well. (After two minutes, I took out the mixture every 30 sec to make sure that it didn’t overcook). Let it cool, then roll into pedas. 

The cooking time depends on the microwave. I tasted the mixture after 3 minutes and it felt little sticky to eat, so I cooked it for 30 more seconds. 

Don’t keep this in the refrigerator as it will get very hard. 

Recipe Source -


  1. I really liked this receipe
    (Kid friendly) with M&Ms topping. Just finished making it and sending this to school for multicultural feast day tomorrow.