Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mini Apple Pie

Wow! my 100th post!! Never thought I would stay this long. For something that started out as a time pass thing, 100 is a long way to have come. 100 is a small number for 5 years, as compared to other food bloggers who have reached this number in a matter of months. But it’s still super special for me. It’s giving me a strange sense of accomplishment :) 
Thanks everybody for taking the time to read, like and comment your thoughts and suggestions, here and on FB. Thanks for motivating me to keep going.   

And it’s a pleasant surprise that my 100th post coincided with Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! 

I had tried this mini apple pie recipe(posted in ED group on FB), sometime back. I really liked the concept of making mini pies. It is perfect for individual servings, and looks cute. Work wise it is very tedious making each pie separately. Doing 1 whole pie is much more quicker, IMO. So if you are in a time crunch, make just 1 whole pie and later cut into slices. If not, make these mini versions and impress your friends and family this holiday season. 

For the pie dough, I followed Martha Stewarts’s recipe, stuffing is from the blog mentioned below.



For the dough
All purpose flour - 2 and 1/2 cups
Sugar - 1 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Butter - 2 sticks(16 tbsp) cold unsalted butter 
Water - 1/4 to 1/2 cup ice water

For the filling
Apples - 2(6-7)
Sugar - 1/4 cup(1/2 cup)
Brown Sugar - 1 tbsp(2 tbsp jaggery)
Cinnamon powder - 1 tsp
Nutmeg powder - 1/2 tsp(skipped this)
All purpose flour - 1 tbsp(as needed)


Prepare the dough
Cut refrigerated(not frozen) butter into small pieces. Transfer butter from freezer to regular section overnight. If chopping becomes difficult keep outside for not more than 5 min.
In a mixing bowl add flour, sugar, salt. Mix well. Add butter. If using a food processor. Pulse everything few times until it becomes a coarse mixture. Add 1/4 water initially. Pulse again. See if the mixture holds together when pressed together. Otherwise add little by little water till it does. 
I mixed with hand. The warmth of my hand was melting the butter quickly. I mixed everything, added water till everything came together, doing everything as quickly as possible. 

Divide the dough into two parts. Shape it like a disc. Wrap it in cling-wrap. Refrigerate it for at least an hour or upto 3 days in refrigerator or upto 3 months if frozen. 

Prepare the filling  
Peel and chop apples into small pieces. Add everything under the filling section. Mix well. If it leaves water, the blogger suggests to collect the water, reduce it in a pot and add it back to the filling. I didn’t do any of this. I just added little extra flour :)
I had to prepare this filling days in advance to the day I was planning on making the pie, as my apples were going bad. So after I prepared the filling, I freezed the whole thing.

Make pie
Take disc out of the fridge. It will be rock hard at this point. Leave it out on the counter for sometime. The dough very quickly becomes pliable. Don’t leave it on counter for too long as it can become super soft and then it will become difficult to work with. 

Pre heat oven at 350 F.

Dust the counter with flour and roll pie dough into may be 1/4 inch or thinner circle. Cut circles to fit into your muffin pan. Pierce it with fork. 

Add the filling. Roll another disc of pie dough into little less thinner circle. Cut into small strips. Cover the pie in criss cross pattern. Seal the edges. Brush on top with milk and sugar sprinkles(I didn’t do this). 

Bake for 30-35 minutes until the crust turns light brown. 

Serve hot along with ice-cream. 


  • The above measurements for the dough made around 12 mini pies. 
  • I made lot of filling to finish up my apples. For the measurements given in brackets of the filling, I had more than sufficient filling for 12 pies. 
  • If the dough becomes too soft to handle, refrigerate again for 10 min. 

Recipe Source