Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tomato Bath - Version 2

This is the second version of Tomato Bath that I like. Check out Version 1 here. My cousin Archana gave me this recipe. Freshly ground masala with red chillies(instead of green chillies) and coconut gives this a very unique taste. It tastes good on its own and doesn’t need an accompaniment like raita or anything. 

Do try!


Rice - 1 cup
Tomato - 3-4
Onion - 1 

to grind
garlic - 4
cinnamon - 1 inch
cloves - 3
cumin seeds - 1/4 tsp
red chillies - 2-3(medium spicy)
coconut - little less than handful


Cook rice. Let it cool a little bit.

Make tadka with oil and cumin seeds. Add onion, sauté till translucent. Add tomatoes and peas and cook till they are almost done. Add ground masala. Add salt. Cook till the oil oozes out. Add rice and mix well. 


Recipe Source - Archana Hande

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