Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gobi Sabji (Gobi ka kheema)

This is one flavorful sabji that goes really well with Chapathis. I enjoyed every bite of it. 

Grated gobi gives this a very spongy texture, and when cooked in spiced tomato puree it soaks up all the masala making every bite burst with flavors in your mouth...

You can either use simple tomato puree or make spiced tomato puree for this. I would suggest making the spiced one as that little extra nuance from the spiced puree makes a lot of difference. 

This is not a quick recipe. Grating gobi is a tedious and a messy job. It tends to fly everywhere. Making spiced tomato puree is also extra work. But the end result is very well worth the effort. 

Do try!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tomato Bath - Version 2

This is the second version of Tomato Bath that I like. Check out Version 1 here. My cousin Archana gave me this recipe. Freshly ground masala with red chillies(instead of green chillies) and coconut gives this a very unique taste. It tastes good on its own and doesn’t need an accompaniment like raita or anything. 

Do try!