Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sweet Corn Veg Soup

It’s taken longer than I wanted to put up a recipe here. The thing is, our whole family had a very bad viral flu few weeks back which kind of drained all our energy, mine more!  
It feels good to be normal again. It’s funny how you start valuing little things only when they are taken away from you. Right now, I’m extremely thankful to be able get out of bed and cook a decent meal, without feeling tired or dizzy. I’m thankful to be able to taste good food and to have come out of rice porridge diet.. 

Soups are godsend during these times(though I didn’t cook one when I was sick).
They are instant energy boosters. I love them all! I never knew sweet corn soup was so easy to prepare. This recipe can be prepared within 5 minutes, for real!


Mixed vegetables - approximately 1/2 cup
You can use the frozen mix veg pack which has sweet corn,
chop finely, any or all of these vegetables -
Bell Pepper
Sweet Corns - not optional - add little more than other vegetables
(Don’t put too much vegetables though)

Sugar - around 1/2 to 1 tsp
Pepper - around 1/2 tsp - You can adjust this later.

Water - around 2 cups
Corn flour - 2 tsp
Oregano - 1/4 tsp (I liked the soup better without Oregano)

Scallions - finely chopped - for garnishing


Finely chop the vegetables. Saute them(except scallions and corn) for couple of minutes on high heat to make the raw smell go away.
If you are using frozen vegetable bag, you can skip the above step.

Boil some water. Add the sautéed vegetables. Let the water reduce a little bit. Reduce the heat. Add salt, sugar, pepper and oregano. 
Make a lump free paste with corn flour and little water. Add it to the boiling mixture.
Boil for couple more minutes and voila! soup is ready! 
Garnish it with some finely chopped scallions, and sprinkle some pepper. 

Toddler verdict - She loved it.

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