Saturday, November 30, 2013

Godi Dose/Wheat Dosa - an easy alternative for those who cannot make chapathis

are your chapathi making skills below average?
are you embarrassed to serve them to your guests?
does your chapathi dry up like papad once it comes in contact with air?

fear not! godi dose is here!

My chapathi making skills are questionable. Not getting a round shape is the least of my problems. For some reason, my chapathis come out unbelievably dry... like say, if you threw my chapathi in the air, it would fly without flapping or folding like a frisbee :)

I know, I'm exaggerating! I kid.. It's not so bad(...anymore :) ). Friends, family, all have come to my rescue - there is considerable improvement, but still it's not quite there yet. And when it does, it's going to be an eureka moment for me!

Until then, try this godi dose, or as my daughter calls it - chapathi dose. 

It’s a soft alternative to chapathis. It tastes the same, but has a soft texture, and takes less than half the time you would take to make chapathis.


Wheat Flour


Mix wheat flour, sugar, salt with just enough water.
Spread on hot tava like dosa. Add oil/ghee. Flip and cook the other side. Serve hot with curry or chutney or sugar.

 Variation told by Archana - add ripe mashed bananas to make banana dose. 

Toddler Verdict - My daughter loves this

Recipe Source - Chetana Madyasta

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