Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mango Ice Cream

One thing that I miss about Indian Summers is “The King of fruits”, Mangoes!!! The smell, the taste, the color, the texture - is there anything wrong about this fruit?
I badly miss mangoes here! The fruit that is available here in Indian stores is just not the same. May be I’m not going to the right stores, I don’t know... 

There are mango trees everywhere in my native place. Eating them was the highlight of our summer vacations. During summer, anything and everything is made from mangoes over there. Mango payasa(kheer), mango panaka(juice), mango in sambar, mango payasa with dosa, mango chutney... the list just goes on.
Somewhere in my childhood, my mom learnt to make mango ice cream, and ever since it has been a regular in my house every summer! My brother and I would finish the whole batch in just one go. 

I had a big can of mango pulp in my pantry for a while. I had brought it to recreate my mom’s mango Ice cream, but somehow never got to it. Now since Father’s day was coming up, I thought why not make my little one help me make this. She was instantly ready to help(no surprises there!). 

Little Miss Grown-up didn’t want me to help her with anything! All the while my heart was in my mouth watching her handle all delicate glasswares! Nevertheless, it was fun having her in the kitchen. Moreover, she did handle everything carefully and properly.  

This ice cream is not as creamy as the store bought ones. The texture is little granular. You need to put it in the mixer many number of times to get a creamy texture. I did it only couple of times and was okay with the texture. My friend suggested to add heavy cream. I need to try it sometime.