Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ash gourd peel chutney - Sambanda 5

One more chutney recipe made out of vegetable peel, this time with (ash gourd)white pumpkin peel. Easy and tasty. This goes well with rice, could also be eaten with dosa, idli or chapathi. Do try!

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Ash gourd peel
Jeera - 1/2 tbsp
Green chillies - 2-3
Tamarind paste - 1 tsp(approx)
Turmeric powder

Grated coconut - handful 
Sugar - 1/2 tbsp( I used jaggery)

for tadka
Mustard seeds
Urad dal
Chana dal
Curry leaves
Red chili

In a pan, add some oil. Add jeera. After it splutters, add green chillies and tamarind(if adding dry). Add chopped ash gourd peel, salt, turmeric and hing. Sauté till the peel shrinks and moisture is gone. Off the stove and add coconut. Sauté well. Add little jaggery(or sugar). Grind(with tamarind if adding paste) to chutney consistency, adding water as needed.  
Serve with some hot rice.

Notes - The blogger states that similar procedure could be used for watermelon peel too.  

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