Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ash gourd peel chutney - Sambanda 5

One more chutney recipe made out of vegetable peel, this time with (ash gourd)white pumpkin peel. Easy and tasty. This goes well with rice, could also be eaten with dosa, idli or chapathi. Do try!

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Healthy Spinach-Moong Dal Palya/Sabzi

My husband is the kind, who brings home a chocolate, will make sure our daughter gets a big chunk and enjoys in her enjoyment. And he does it very often, more than necessary, IMO. 

I, on the other hand, make sure I only get healthy snacks, make sure that her chocolate/sweet intake is limited during the week. Whenever she asks for an extra chocolate, I retort immediately - do you ever ask for more vegetables, then don’t ask for more candies. Or when she takes more than half an hour to finish her lollipop(no kidding!), slurping it endlessly until the stick starts to break apart; I don’t forget to thank her brain for being so eager to spoil her teeth, followed by a very long lecture on the bad effects of eating junk food :)


I put her to sleep, take handful of chips from my hidden stash and eat it feeling - ‘life is beautiful’ :D . Thankfully, I’ve come to senses with respect to ice cream bars and have stopped buying them. Otherwise every night(well, almost) I would’ve put my feet on coffee table, turned on some good TV, and have eaten one ice cream bar. 

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!! :D

Coming to the recipe, Spinach-Moong dal palya has got to be one of the healthiest food out there. I don’t think it is made in Udupi-Kota region. I only got to know about this while browsing for other recipes. It turned out very tasty. Very very easy. My daughter loved it too. I am a happy mom :)
Do try!