Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Easy Coconut Laddoos

Okay.. again a long, unintended break! 
I wanted to try some “bookmarked” sweets for the upcoming festival season. But never got to them. Hence the delay. But then, couple of weeks back, while helping a friend make some sweets, I remembered I hadn’t put this super-easy, super-awesome sweet that I used to make and devour regularly long time ago. 

This would make a really quick sweet if you have all the ingredients on hand. Also it is great for potlucks!

Just 2 ingredients - coconut and condensed milk - mixed together, whats not to like?! 
They can make your heart melt, as they are melting in your mouth. Try it and float in dessert heaven!

My cousin Chethana gave me this recipe when I was still a newbie to cooking world :) It made me look like a pro!


Condensed milk - 1 small can
Desiccated coconut - as much as needed 
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp (optional)


Pour condensed milk in a mixing bowl. Keep adding desiccated coconut and mix it until the whole dough comes to a laddoo consistency. Make small laddoos with your hands and roll them again on some desiccated coconut(in a plate) so that the laddoo is evenly coated with it. 
Enjoy... I mean, you will really enjoy!!

  • You can add vanilla essence/rose essence instead of cardamom powder.
  • Long time back I saw on food network that somebody(I think it was Ina Garten or Paula Deen, can’t remember) mixed the same with vanilla essence and popped them in the oven till it was browned. Never tried it, but can imagine that it must have tasted heavenly. 

  • 1 can of condensed milk can make approximately 40 laddoos. 
  • Let the dough be sticky when making laddoos and not too dry, as the laddoos tend to thicken after a while

Recipe Source - Chethana Madyastha

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