Friday, August 29, 2014

Easy Chakkuli

Ganesha Habba season again! Happy anniversary, blog!! wow, 2 years of blogging!! never thought I would stick this long :)
I thought of making and posting some sweet recipe, but then I saw this easy chakkuli recipe somebody posted for Krishnashtami and wanted to give it a try... desperately!!

My mom makes proper chakkulis, roasting the ingredients and getting them ground properly from a mill and all.. but I neither have the means nor the inclination of doing that anytime.. I am happy sticking to easy shortcuts :).. this is one such easy(compared to traditional) and tasty recipe.. 

I was keeping my fingers crossed, worrying what if it fails, but thankfully they turned out great - crunchy and very tasty.. Thank you Ganesha!!! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Poha Laddoo/Avalakki Laddoo

Laddoo in 10 mins! 

Enjoy your Krinshashtami with this yummy-licious, super duper easy ladoos.. 

what more can I say, the recipe speaks for itself... 

Happy Krishnashtami!