Sunday, October 27, 2013

Aloogadde Sasime / Potato Raita with a twist

“Sasime/Sasive” is basically a variation of raita, popular in coastal Karnataka region. It is raita flavored with some masala-coconut gravy. The addition of coconut takes ordinary raita to a whole new level.. 

I love sasime, especially the one made with potato. I think potato’s blandness gives a nice contrast to the tangy gravy. 

And it’s really, really, really easy to make..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ragi Dose

After having my daughter, I have suddenly transformed into a health freak. By health freak, I don’t mean I’ve become more health conscious(that’s an uphill task - a steep one at that!), just that I’m more aware of what I’m cooking for my family - healthy/junk food wise. These days whenever someone tells me about a healthy food, I always try to incorporate it in our regular menu, irrespective of our likeliness towards it. Then comes another uphill battle of convincing my daughter to eat it. Well, not “convincing” exactly, it’s more like - I put so much effort in feeding you healthy stuff, you better eat it without any ‘nakhara’. Sometimes I need to extend this “convincing” to my husband as well, that’s a different story.. :)

Anyways, when my friend Roopa told me this ragi dosa recipe, I was really excited to try it out. Even though I myself am not very fond of taste of ragi, I am willing to overlook it considering the power-pack nutrition it offers..  

But this dosa tastes good. It tastes almost like uddina dose(regular urad dal dosa). Whatever the taste, you just cannot ignore the nutrition part of raagi...  

And of course, it’s easy to make :)